Mar 20, 2011

Colors of Love forever

A ripen silent voice saying don’t put Color,
I was hooting leave no one over there.
The TOM shies acknowledging, he was Novice,
The Boldness admitting, I, JERRY was Quick and Wise.
The definite Purpose was to Grease him,
Adieu everyone now there.
He was pulsating, running with Shiver,
I clutched him and applied Silver.
Again crimson and Parrot Green,
He took the water and poured on to me.
My finger printed in his White Shirt,
Greening satisfactory my teeth.
Later a month,
Whistling, I entered the Class,
Notoriously smiling he was.
A new admission cheers everyone,
More than a classmate, he was.
The Pink he gave me with Teddy Bears,
The Blue formal shirt for my Dear,
The Green spread while kinship was blooming,
The Red when marriage was Materializing.
the Seeding in my life Arboretum,
only Springs and no Autumn.
The colors he bought, were FIXED and ETERNAL,
He is my Hubby now and Soul mate forever.