Dec 23, 2012

If Someday!

If someday, I ll be flat without any curves near nose, no circles around my eyes and no folded skin on my forehead, no smiley curve on my face and you will also go blind.

Will you be able to recognize me with my touch and no voice?
Will I be ask to carry a smiling mask of Vendetta?
Will I be able to smile with all my heart, even when there is no fold on my lips?
Will you be able to see that how my eyes speaks about the things, which I never say?
Will I be portraying myself like most beautiful lady of the world?
Will anyone see my heart through my faceless face?
Will I be kissed by my beloved?
Will I be able to see myself in the mirror?

I think and think but I see that I already carry a different voice with the help of which, I comfort others.
I already carry a mask every time as most of the people do even after being blessed with good faces.
I always smile and make people smile.
I see the eyes of loyalty, love and full of mercy in unmerciful people.
I make portraits of those who allow me to do it for them.
I kiss those to whom I love by just touching my lips to the air which connects us.
I love to clean a mirror in me, where people come and see themselves.