Dec 3, 2012

Seasons of Life

When despaired black clouds,
Pointed out at me,
Natives shout like cloud thunders.
Life seems dirty stagnant water,
I became a waterspout in Tornado.

Yet there were lightings,
To direct me in the darkness.
Actual “I” was inside raincoat,
To whom no one can see.

Alone, shivering in cold,
Waiting for help on the lone roads.
Soon, I realized, I have to walk alone,
No one is fortunate enough,
To messed up in this pre-cyclone.

Determined, I explained myself,
Cognitively, I started to push myself.
I strong-willed not to stop or
Get erode like soil.

The destiny is too close,
The more far it seems,
As problems stands inch before
The way to the Dew-Success.

I was collapsed and gasped,
And there were deep breaths,
Midway to dry summers and wet winters,
Between the dark clouds and carbon black roads,
Zeal comes from bleeding rainy thoughts.

I did it! I did it!
I got the motive of life.

Alas! I started sweating like Raindrops,
From the clouds of my cuddle heart,
I smiled; blessed with colorful rainbow,
There were raindrops on my cheeks,
Which dried up with the sunshine.

Published in Blogger's Park Issue. Also recited at Cafe Pallete Poetry Group.

Dec 2, 2012

Blogs deleted

Well, this is again to remind you that I was maintaining 4 blogs. But, 2 of my blogs are set on deletion. This is because, I think, I am not able to nurture them very well, but post related to my photography and bit bitter stories will be posted in Ink Pen only.

Only two blogs are there, 'Ink Pen' and 'This Friday Releases' where the later deals with movie reviews.

Being a blogger, I face only one problem, that number of visitors are declining everyday. Those who actually search something which we have labelled and tag, otherwise, 7 billion blogs are trying to survive in whole world and it seems impossible to see all of them. I wish, I could read more and more but the material in classics is sufficient to read for now, with some mock classics upcoming on the way. Secondly, in Search Engine Optimisation, it is good to have websites rather thn blogs, as they allow efficient use of tags and metatags.

This blog of mine was researched by a student of mass communication, so i feel happy that my blog proved its role in someone's research. Whereas, I got few good friends from the globe like Ana and Alex.

I also want to remind to people that I own all my copyrights to whatever I post and the images are sometimes used from google image search, for which I don't have any type of copyrights.

So, I request you to use my work only with my permission. In a while, I am going to make page on facebook too, as the crowd sits there and spend most of his times there only. So, whatever I will be writing, I will be updating to my page. Hope you keep visiting their too.

I am also writing my second book, which is an anthology where the story of Phoenix is compared to the life of human being. The fb page of the book is already there.
The link is:
I would like if you get updated to it.

Your feedback's are always important, so you are. Keep giving me feeds on this weeds.

Thanks for being in touch with me from a long time.

I hope you are going to like it more now.