Aug 21, 2011

light was blinking..

I was looking at data cable, the light was blinking. I was on the corridor, waiting for a new life. The people were crying in front of god idol placed at the corridor, people were not able to sleep. There was crowd till one, but silently people slept after sleepless efforts by 3 at night. The light of data cable was still blinking. The ICU was giving me indication of RED till 3 am. Off course, I was tired, but more I was frustrated. White cloths, nurses, wheel chairs, smell of medicines, corridors getting clean in every half an hour with the same smell fluid, trying to please you, but fails in second chance. The facebook occupations were going on and what I can see is my profile wall. Bomb blast in mosque, suicide bomber in Afghanistan, Japan feared of more tsunamis, Obama not able to deal with economical sector of country, Gilani putting his new comments every day, which get space in newspaper, Gaddafi still dominating thinking himself as Messiah, Hosni Mubarak had no cancer, which he claims that he is having, Chavez back from chemotherapy, ManMohan Singh not able to comment anything on the indefinite fast of Anna Hazare, Soniya healing after surgery, UN secretary doing blah blah blah.
The updations were going on and all I can see is the green light of data cable, red light of ICU and more of my wall getting updated.
Everything was going on, little breaths of some people sleeping on corridor can be heard properly as the time was rolling towards morning. Nurse stopped to pass by from corridor.
There was I sitting at sofa, small sofa, not even having enough space to sink into.
There was ICU as I turn my face right and idol of life saver God, whatever you wish, you can imagine and people sleeping as I turn my face left.
I felt as if enclosed in the box, there was nothing happening, but all I can see is updating status of people and updating news.
I can clearly visualize a think that I was waiting for the one, who I don't know.
None of mine was admitted in the hospital.The thing was that I was not having current at my home, so I came to nearby hospital to satisfy my Facebook fever.
All I can see now is that red light of ICU, my data cable blinking green and people who started snoring and my wall getting updated with news, messages and status and comments of politicians, then comments of people on politicians, then feedback of former politician, then people commenting again on them