Nov 22, 2011

I am the one: Devil or Demon

Courtesy: Arena Animation
My impulses are going on
And it will keep going,
Even after your prayer ends.
As I'm demon or devil,
I am sinful or evil.
I know I am disguised,
A Still from the movie V for Vendetta
Having different mask,
On each, a smile affixed.
Call me Vendetta or Abraham,
Call me Gaddafi or Raavan.
I am I, not Shri Krishna.
Moreover, everyone does exist in me.
I smile and sigh,
I feel the Ying and Yang inside,
I know I quit as looser.
Surely, I win the smile of chaser.


Nov 21, 2011

When sunlight interacts with particles of dust

Photo by Swati Shobha Eye

On Winter Morning, hands inside gloves,
and eye gazing from woolen threads.
The sunlight whispers to the grains of dust,
asks to wake up to sky,
and let the pavement clean.
As more dust will come,
from the shoes of those,
passing again.
the grain of dust rises
and kisses the sunlight.


Love Never Fades

Photo Courtesy: Mail Online

There were million faces,
I interacted with.
Why the same face,
Still fascinates me.
The face, which is now
23 years old to me.
Grew up with me,
Why don’t people fed up,
Or do they?
But why then,
Love never fades.