Jun 5, 2013

Newly Introduced

My Old Introduction:

Some say SSS, some say Swati. Different tags from everyone. Angles are many and changed with every single degree. Time is different and fate varies with every second. I don't know the exact introduction but I know the soul existing in me.

I am a die hard fan of my own. I just love myself..

I am damn crazy to learn from incidences. The incidences on which I experiment, the learning's from those who pass by and mixed bag of experiences are everything in my life.

I am not involved in shopping the jewels and make-ups as I feel comfortable in my original skin, but I certainly love to purchase good attires while shopping. 

Don't like my hair still obsessed with new hair cuts. 

I love to laugh, live and love.

But turn off to hates, lies and drugs.
I simply rove around different places. Seeing sunrises, sunsets, photography, art, cuisines, animals, nature and water bodies.

I am bit complicated human being with a long mandatory Bucket List. :)

I take too long to learn the things. But I never stop to explore :) :)

My New Introduction:

I bleed the ads, find the gold in the Gutters of newspapers, I run masthead and tie Belly Band around the bundle of newspaper so that people can see the exploring ads.
I do voice overs to real stories and keep my script very tight, making a package of stories left behind.
The plots are very intense whereas I am a Railroad Editor, who puts the newspapers on the bed before getting stories done. 

I am an advertisers, brochure maker, a flag news-maker who avoids bumped heads for your monotony and spend most of my folios in research work. 

I only write scoop stories, the kicker headlines, the quick-witty things of life. 

My room is like a morgue filled with old memoirs and old stories in the form of tabloids. The walls runs without medals and trophies but consist of experiments. 

I prefer FP4C advertisements and believe in making you famous. 

My index of life is bit poor but you the story is always undercover. 

I don't know about the lens and shutter speed instead I love to click.

I don't have animals in my home but I love them more and more.
To take my RSS, subscribe to me, follow me or read my blogs because there is nothing lucid in this worlds except death and birth in my pieces of writing.
An exclusive bureau chief or a maiden copywriter, an emotional poet or a fake lover, I am simply me. 

And I just love to print, writer, get published and get covered by the magazines that never exists in this world. 

A tabloid board of every day makes a broadsheet life with some Berliner Europic styles of conflicts. 

Yes, I am crazy for writing and all is copy-right. 

So beware of whistle-blowers, dog-watchers and correspondents like me.