Apr 24, 2012

Kieslowski's World

I request the owner of Kieslowski''s World to start his amazing website again. The link to the site is http://www.weronika.freeserve.co.uk/

An anonymous person was handling the website content with such a great deal, adding thinks related to all the people and stories attached to the Director Kieslowski. While with all this, he was also managing a Diary where the spiritual verses of him goes on, giving continuous messages of peace and uniformity, the things dealing with life and immortal theories, the things which are far from materialism were part of that anonymous Diary.

I don't know the reason to shut it down. But I would love to see that site taking breathes again as good work must never go in vain.
Whenever I used to open the web world, the first thing is to open all the bookmarks. This website was one of the bookmark in my browser. Used to love it as things used to make us realized many things. He also mentioned himself as 99 year old in Chatango box. But, I never think that he will be this young. I know the person visit my blog everyday but I just want to request him to restart his work. There are people who read this types of things but never speak about it as it is not the matter of word, it is the matter of Feel you have after it. Readers feel it but are short of words. IT was a work worth appreciating. 

Hope to see this website active again as it is the only thing left with the name of legendary director Kieslowski.

My Only Hope

I have decided to move ahead,
How much tough it gets, I’ll reach.
The reasons are many to be low and to quit,
But don’t you worry, I won’t sigh.

I won’t stop and will never ask a favor.
You continue to be tough and keep hard,
I will be tougher and harder.

It is never easy and it won’t be,
But thousand times I feel to quit,
Million times I will cry and 
Numerous times I will give up.

Won’t you be with me?
To get me up and kick me?
To hold me tight and count?
To ask me for one more try?

I know I am not standard and constant,
In my habits, sleeping and behavior,
But believe me I am good enough by heart,
I just need some time to heal and 
It can couple of years.

Believe me,
Because I am despaired soul,
In demanding world,
Where I can’t peep myself in mirror.

But I will get up with broken tools,
With worn out hopes and
One day I will release the Secret,
That you were my “Only Hope.”

Apr 22, 2012


Due to less numbers of visitors and responses even from my followers, I am on the decision to just shut this blog as it gives me no more proper feedback.
I do write and update everyday, but I see no responses and no increase in visitors.
I must now shut down this blog and try to write only a Diary coz people read it more carefully for the sake of knowing secrets.
I would love to know the response of my followers and visitors within two or three days.

Yours SSS