Aug 22, 2013

Because I can't bear the Pain.

I am not made to please you, asks you, love you...
I am not the one who will mold according to you,
And try to be in platonic love,
I am a human, I do have emotions,
Needs, desires and calories..

I am in pain, I am getting grilled,
To serve a roasted toast to you.
But this is an end, that was an end,
To serve you with gender discrimination,
With burned emotions,
And blood of brain,
And I am getting back to my own world,
Because I can't bear this pain,
I can't bear this pain.

The things will end,
And there will be light someday,
You won't be in the memoirs,
The white fade out dreams,
Will meet to the ground,
Where there will be no love,
No You and I,
And there will be no Pain. 

And someday, when I will think of you,
I will realize that it was not you,
The same yellow light I met,
The same red burst out roses,
The same soul,
And I will make myself comfort,
And I will be comfortably numb,
Thinking it was fearful symmetry,
And it was Virginia wolf's work,
Which connected you to me,
And I ll silently be silent again,
To depart and go back,
In my world again,
Because I can't bear the pain,
Because I can't bear the pain.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani

(After so long time)