Nov 27, 2012

I dare

I am drifting away from
The Shore of pain and ocean of expectations.
I was bleeding with despair and fear
Of loosing You.

Now, when I already lost you,
I dare to love again.
To love this nature, innocent heart
Which reside in inner me.

I dare to love those cannibals,
Carnivores, herbivores and humans.
And love the plants, trees and seeds,
To conserve the inner soil of them.

I dare to somersault and jump,
Dance and run,
As no one is holding me tight,
To stop motion and create Momentum.

I am drifting away from
The forlorn shadow,
The whispers of screams,
The slaughtered dreams.

I am going far from the place,
Where you and I are not We.
I know, in this oasis only,
You was I and I was You, someday.


Copyrights 2012