Jan 6, 2014

Unattainable Horizon

Land of multi-horizons,
A horizon beyond the barren grounds,
A horizon appealing dusk and dawn,
A horizon of expectations,
A horizon of unattainable love,
A horizon of dreams and horizon of my thoughts.

I started moving ahead thinking its nearby,
Now I realize its the same distance left to travel,
The way earlier it was.

-Swati Sevlani
Copyrights, 2014

The Long Way Back Home

Where the edges and corners of rocks turn smooth, 
And star accompanies me at their best till morning,
Until the dark vanishes and sun breaks the dawn.
Where the love is associated with selfless things and cups of being high priestess..
Where the motherhood ends with lullaby and without lullaby.
Yes, I am back to home,
The long way back home.

Not alone but the place of solitude,
Where the words don't ends in poetry and sonnets.
And expressions of winters ends by embracing the warmth of the heart,
Yes, I am back to home,
The long way back home. 

-Swati Shobha Sevlani
Copyrights, 2014