Feb 22, 2012


कहीं खोए थे कितने ख्वाब,
एक एक कर पास आ रहें हैं......

-स्वाति शोभा सेवलानी

Feb 20, 2012

A word for all my dear followers

Dear Followers,

This time, there is no poem. IT is just a special word "Thank You" for joining my site. You were a source of encouragement to me, I hope I will write my best, give my best and try my best. Improvement is a lifelong process, I wish to improve every time you encourage me.
Thanks for joining my site, as you are those for whom, I find something new, think out of box and experiment some innovation.

A big thanks from my heart.


Swati Shobha Sevlani (SSS)

Feb 19, 2012


Senryu 1:

As Chrome gets open,
Google is default webpage,
Like my intellect.

Senryu 2:

I wish to see friends,
Face book is the only option,
Already logged in.

Senryu 3:

Namesakes are software’s,
One, Internet explorer,
Second, Google chrome.


(Copyright 2012)


(Complete poem made by Haiku)

There is horizon,
Of immense faith, love and peace,
Nuclear smashed it.

There is horizon,
Like unattainable love,
Embellish my soul.

There is horizon,
Hallucination of lord,
Incapable ‘I’.

There is horizon,
Yet detach after approach,
Collapse claim bigger.

There is horizon,
Desert confronts the ocean,
And surplus the earth.

There is horizon,
The close by I am to love,
Void remains unchanged.

There is horizon,
Where further world may exist,
UFO gets here.

There is horizon
I assume to look after,
I visualize.

There is horizon,
Like salvation and conflict,
I wish to be there.

Near is horizon,
Where soul of nomad travels,
One day I will go.

There is horizon,
Synonym of forthcoming,
We try to predict.

There is horizon,
Impure blood in my unmixed heart,
Beats whispers my love.

This horizon hint,
We permanent traveler,
Of interim life.

Horizon informs,
Swallow up desires of men,
Put him down nowhere.