Jul 22, 2011

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Make me live

Mugs are still as it is,
With aroma seeds dried.
Dinning is as it is,
dust-laden plates near your serving gloves.
Books are as it is,
dog eared pages playing with winds.
Your smiling photo still smile as it is,
Like pain in my heart.
Everything is as it is,
and I am as it is,
Waiting and longing,
Do come back and make them live...

I die everyday

Each tear wipes,
Fearful world inside.
Each deep sigh is,
Troubling breath of life.
To whom shall I complain?
To whom I should say?
To me she was world,
Empty vessel now.
I weep in dark, pretend smile in light.
World see delight in me,
I die every day.


Two words he said,
Three words I reciprocate.
One word he confessed,
Speechless, I left.
The words died where,
Love begins from there.
Something exclamatory,
Something contemporary.
Some intimacies,
Some infidelities,
Some confined,
Some determined.
Some sum,
Sum some.

Jul 18, 2011

Let it burn

Let it burn
I wish to utter something but thought
Let it burn
I always wish I could tell,
The agony I bear
Let it burn….
Today I dial your numbers 989
To say I still love you
Let it burn..
I wished suicide or death
Decided to stay alive
And let it burn
Never wished to hurt physically
Hurts myself mentally
Just to let it burn
Still burning in your memories,
Still the same for you come back now
You are part of mine,
Still detached
And letting it burn…..

Last Smile :)

She was sinking badly
The train started slowly.
Her hands were holding mine.
She can’t stop herself from cries,
And tears rolled down from my cheeks.
God! Why this turn comes to life?
The train was at pace,
She gave me a little golden packed box,
With red ribbon fasting it.
I accepted it and her hand finally left me...
I cried sitting next to door.
Can’t see her anymore.
I simply opened the box and saw,
My shirt, missing from last ten years.
I smiled and hugged the shirt,
As it was more of hers.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani

Jul 17, 2011

Stone-heart wept

Stone-heart I turned,
like mud solidified.
More like a statue,
I saw her and cried.
Mud was dissolved,
by rain of tears.
Tear, mud, heart,
and pain all last.
Stone-heart she turned,
Forlorn I was.