Dec 30, 2011

It's not Triskaidekaphobia

When it goes,
13.13 on my watch,
I observe a death in  
surrounding and get scared.
Who will pass away this time?
My 6th sense get mute,
and six senses starts working.
Busy in smelling, whispering, 
gazing, hearing and trying
to know the next soul.
When today, there are
1313 visitors at Ink Pen,
I think again.
Is it Triskaidekaphobia?
or 13 indicated the Death.
Who the next can be,
I close my eyes and pray
It should never be
the one,
closest to my heart.


Time makes Mime

31st Of December Night 11.55,
hold tight, phone buzz and shout.

1st of January you greet and greet,
the sweetest sweet to eat and eat.

2nd of January you remember the 
31st night party and 1st of January.

3rd of January you wonder,
three days passed to new year.

To every moment of joy,
I felt like 31st December night.

To every awkward moment,
I felt it's just the beginning.

The days and nights were 
punctual to come by time.

I felt, life as a theater
and I am mime.

- Swati Shobha Sevlani

Dead Space

When dead parts are used for make up,
the nails with glossy nail paints.
The hairs with Burgundian streaks.
When skeleton kept to prove
the medical interest of doctors.
The toys kept to remember
your childhood.
The dead plastic things 
accumulated to relax.
When dead hairs are waxed,
looking smooth and beautiful.
The leather to wear
and showing decent.
When the human dies,
it stinks and smell worst
than rotten egg.
When human is dead
soul left and nothing lefts.