Nov 5, 2013

Soft-toys have their own world

And regardless of my hatred towards soft-toys,
I opened a cupboard of lil girl last night,
Some piled on teddy bears,
Buttoned eyes and elevated noses,
Different skins and peels,
And very different they appeal.
And zoozoo do communicate,
Doreamon without dora cakes,
A ferocious tiger who stayed away.

Bride wait for her beloved with all the
love bestowed in her eyes,
And a parrot accompanied her,
Like flounder accompanied Aerial,
And the monkey around Aladdin.
Alas, I learned every character is an animal lover,
Like the real heroes who save them.

And those with wigs off from the head,
due to certain cancer,
Were exploring some corner,
Introspecting the world in silence,
Deep and deeper.
Whereas, other succumbs
in the polyethenes and bags,
And uncovered love in life,
Who unexplored and lively dead.

And some xenoplasties and transplanted legs,
Thrown boots and thrown shoes,
The innocent victims of blast,
The survivals to their last.

And some scholars after convocations,
Of their graduations and masters,
The tripping of cycles,
The spokes circled their history,
The tangents made by the Tyre,
On the road of vertical balancing.

It's time to be kid again,
After you grow up.
It's time to learn the selfless thou,
After shedding the lessons of ethics
From this professional world.

It's time to be kid again,
To let the child take birth again.
And now I realised that softoys,
Have their own world!

-Swati Sevlani
(Just tried a child poetry for the first time.)