May 27, 2012

Let Me Sleep

Now, I am going in a deep sleep.
Resting my head on your lap, Maaa.

I love you, I love to be with you,
As you make me feel secure.

Mom, you are having such a giant heart,
I don't know how you embrace my fears,
When I am scared.

Miraculously, you make me silent,
When I am an annoyed sphere.

Mother, be with me,
Be with me.

I know, I failed in my life,
I feel joy with you.

Maa, let me sleep today,
So that no one can ever disturb me.

The touch of you hands on my forehead,
Comforts me, tranquilize me..

Let me sleep, so that 
I could peacefully wake up in heaven.

Where there will be no wars,
no bullets and fights.
Where there will be
No floods of bloods.

Let me sleep,
Let me sleep in peace.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani
Copyrights, 2012.