Mar 17, 2012

Will be back soon

As you are observing that I am not that regular in posting, so will be same for couple of days.

Hope when I come back, I write something interesting which you never read ever before.

Till then, keep reading, keep laughing, keep smiling, keep trying, keep loving, keep inspiring, keep faith, keep living and keep going....!!!

Life is too short to live, enjoy it fullest.

Enjoy my fvrt recent tracks from AR Rehman.

keep Learning!!!


Mar 15, 2012

On the way

Passing by, I was in joy,
Sightseeing, the trees, crop, scary crow,
And the fresh breeze touching ear,
From the window placed rear.

The poor child asking for food,
Succumbed my desires of toy,
Machine gun, remote cars and fun.
May Albatross, may come.

A lightened lamp,
Seen from the imbibed, crack door,
A family having dinner in peace,
Observed, when train stopped for a while.

I forgot my hunger of
Chocolates, wafers and fast food,
Quenching my thrust of constant hunger.
God is divine.

The short span of journey,
Was enough to realize.
The humanity and nature,
Exist in the threshold of five.
The journey where,
My tongue slipped and 
Left hundred prayers behind.

The happiness, which I never got
In 4000 square feet of palace,
Was incomparable,
To die in graveyard of 6 yards,
In a peaceful manner.