May 17, 2012

An Unknown Mortal

"The Savior" painting by Anrev Rublev

An unknown mortal in between known people,
Unaware that he is overlooked,
Acknowledged, else are branded.
Not equipped to visage the rejection, 
Supplemented with self muse.
Toiling to please self and satisfied, 
Being compassionate for others, 
Trying to update and discover.

The more concentration he gets,
The more he aspires,
The more detractors he met,
The more he desires.

He wants to change the world,
Bring justice over cruelty.
Sobs when any one cries,
Stand still in battle and warfare.

He is perplexed, quit to think,
Starts afresh very next second.
Self interrogating and intriguing,
As he a god and lord,
Of his world and creation,
Of his sophistication.

Far from myths and hypothesis,
He doesn’t believe any god.
He has a blind belief,
In seeing human as god..
Applying red on their Third eye,
To see the divine light.

And expects,
Human will not hurt anymore,
Never do sinful acts,
Like exploiting the faith and
Trajectory of crimes.

He is walking alone,
Along the inner light,
He is eclipsed somewhere,
Behind each human being.

He never know how he appear,
What he clad and consumes.
He endeavor to carry thoughts,
Serving human once in a lifetime.

He criticizes materialist thinks,
Calling self, “Materialist spiritual”
A demon human,
An antitheist of aesthetics.

He will emerge as a savior,
Will craft, mend and end
The worldly things and
Thought of spiritual beings.

I can see, dream and think,
He is emerging somewhere,
In the corner of the world,
Across the boundaries.

And he communicates to me,
Asks me nothing,
Nor even a advice,
Because he, a stable spherical drop,
Which is growing bright.

At times, he finds himself alone,
He is certainly unaccompanied, not alone.
But his company is the one, 
Who was company of no one.

He whispers to me that,
He is born, but taking birth,
In the eyes of the world.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani
Copyrights, 2012

May 13, 2012

A Vote of Thanks

Dear Friends,

This time it is not a poem but off course, a vote of thanks to someone who was visiting my blogs regularly, reading my poems, gone through my photography, sketches and appreciated them.
In my few last posts, there was a post with the name "Confusion" where I asked my followers, "Whether I must discontinue my blogs?" due to scarcity of response and feedback's.

Courtesy: Google Images

There were people who were really concerned about the blog "Ink Pen". I got a call from my one of the friend asking me, "If I dare to delete it, she will never read any of my prose and poems anymore, even if I go to her and I show her my publications...and ask for feedback's about my work". Thank you Cheeks for all your cooperation and being with me right from the first post of my blog.

There was a second friend of mine, Elvira Lobo, who is in touch with me due to her sweet nature. She post an article in her blog specially asking me not to delete the blogs and continue the good things...
I really want to thank her for that she dedicated a single post completely for me and her proper two way communication....Thanks Elvy...

Today, I got a mail from a lady asking me not to let my Ink dry by stopping "Ink Pen".
It moved me to tears as the lady really helped me by sharing some masterpieces I was searching for. Thank you Gentle lady. You are really gentle, selfless, genuine person and I am really delighted to know this thing that there is someone who is appreciating my work. Thank you Ana. Hugggs.

Her mail was:

Don´t close INK PEN, please. I think the internet is like throwing bottles into the sea. It takes time. But there is always someone waiting on the shore. 
It is a matter of tides!
The words heal, help, save. 
And you know well the weight and rhythm of the words.

All my love and regards to you Cheeks, Elvy and Ana.
I also want to thank those who gave me feedback's, encouraged me, visited my blog and read me and I also want to thank those who kept visiting without leaving comments or following my blog and they are pretty regular in their visits. I would love if people will give genuine suggestions for more improvements.

I just want to say that I am a believer of IDEA rather than complicated words. I just want to express the things in the deeper sense connecting them to the higher self and life. I wish I could write more better every time when I post a new poem or any of my work.

Swati Shobha