Mar 31, 2011

Fever and Fervor : World Cup 2011

Time is 2.30 pm, 30th of March, and Mohali is visible on screen.
When India crossed through Semi Finals, people were not happy because India is going for Semi final but mainly because its Indo Pak match, everyone arranged there program, going to friends home, or somewhere out, online watch, sms alerts, Radios frequency were tuned as if Nehru is about to declare that at the stroke of midnight India achieved freedom. People were bunking and gossiping about match fixing was ever hottest like Ayodhya. Everyone was arousing voting questions that who will win and approximately 5 times more people voted for India winning. By morning, everyone was stretching the body and saying holiday, no work today please, it is all about India vs. Pakistan. Fixings were investigated and estimations were done. People were confident that India would win as all matches of last world cup gives a clear graph of being victorious. All ambiences were set, people switched on televisions at high voice, and commentary was audible from everywhere. It was pin drop silent when I was walking in road, no traffics, shops closed, only one thing was there commentary, people inside City Vans, peoples were sleeping with frequency tuned on. sms alerts were continuous, even boss was indulged in his own office, muting the TV. Bombardment of message beeps was clear at a sight. Seeing crowds outside shops having Television sets made me not able to drive properly. The birds were not chirping, dogs stopped barking, nor any Sabjiwala neither Vendors were mean to work. Many left food half done.Finally, its 10 minutes left to 2:30 pm. The camera zooming in and out the applauding, flag hoisting audience. Here comes the coin and two captains. India won the toss and thus gone for batting. 7 consecutive four by Sehwag helped like a spark in dry forest. He was out but Sachin century undone was biggest sign of victory for people. People curse his century as indication of failures and then indecisiveness on the Sachin out decision was really had to accept. Yuvraj upset more of his audience and Sachin out before century was majorly a token of indication to its winning, according to people. Fielding was off course losing its pace many times when Pak was batting but Pressure made on Green can’t be denied or unseen.
Match nowhere seems to be fixed as you can’t befool the audience many times you see. However, statement of Pakistan Home Minister was after all deserves across Front-page coverage as it tells that even countryperson is saying that my country can be sold for mortal money. It may be because they might be known to the fact that Pakistan is going to lose, so he put this statement to rescue them. The things observed during this match may need more improvement to win to Sri Lanka as this time players were badly injured, but this time exchanging of abusive words were at least and there were exchanging smiles between player many times. At the end of the game, all decided that we have to out the last player before completing the over and attempts were clearly visible but finally it was all out. Afridi was afraid and but happy to see the performance of young player in team, but the differences in score like 29 for this time and approximately 30 from last few matches, shows a lapse colliding between India and Pakistan from last many World Cup Matches.
People were not able to hold the nerve, Fever was rising, and atmosphere was hot and tensed even after knowing that winning is assured, fervent souls were enthusiastic and lastly when Pakistan was all out, Indians were buzzing, can’t control such immense happiness. There were hooting, screams, cheers, happiness, smiles, dancing; joy and above all everyone came to streets with drums, many with guitars, crackers and slogans. When there were fireworks in sky, there were dholes and dances on earth. After 4 years again they might have this much joy, husband wife forgot there tension, patients were out of bed in Hospitals, old people were awake late at night, no shops were closed till 1 at night and poor people just forgot that what they were worried about, deficiency in materialism doesn’t have to deal with happiness, people forget about next day office and closing of Session on 31st of March. Flags were hoisted at night, the ambience made us felt as if World Cup is achieved and Fervor of World Cup 2011 was at its peak. Eleven players bought smile to millions of people. It was amazing feel and seeing all around the gaiety and zeal of celebration, I felt Nehru voice, “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.”