Oct 23, 2011

Oh Lord! Where are you?

And the wings spread and covered 
the arena and blue skies.
Your hug was so 
huge to revive.

Oh Lord ! Embrace me,
to achieve the Climbs.
Th infinities of wine
and serene of Divine.

Oh Lord! Have a word,
so that I can tell everyone,
that you are my father,
you are creator of nature.

Oh Lord! Thou not crystal,
non the beads of rosary,
you are a tunnel in dark,
with blinking light.

Oh Lord! Give a sign 
of your presence,
as I am despaired
and my sixth sense never works.

Oh Lord! I saw you in dimensions,
shape, pictures and architectures.
Still I am blind from you.

Oh Lord! Show me your third eye,
and the way to hell and heaven.
The life is all about you 
and we are forsaken.

Oh Lord! Oh Lord!
People say, you are in us,
Why I am not cleanse from heart?
Very complex is the web,
for spider to tether.

You are supernatural,
you are the dictator.
you are light,
what so ever,

Oh Lord! You are mine.

Virus Of Love

Volatile was your love,
I realised.
The volatile feel and
memories were volatile.
I touched and realised,
you were volatile.
Since you passed away,
you soul is volatile.
Volatile cant be my pain,
million pricking pins.
Volatile can never be my memory,
like metastasis.
Volatile can never be the love
as your AIDS virus I had.

- Swati Sevlani

Phoenix Arise

The tides were high,
so was my joy...
The moist feet on grasses,
as the moment delight.
The elegant tranquility,
was different from silence.
The eye never mere lenses,
and the dusk rise.
I was sitting in front of giant sun,
as Phoenix ashes arise. 

Swati Shobha Sevlani 
(Phoenix Reborn)