Aug 29, 2013

102nd Post on this blog

Gone Away!

     Dark Poetry by Swati Sevlani

(This is 101th poem of my blog "Ink Pen" now is named after me.)
I want to thank Alexandre, Analia, Dianne, Arpna and Elvy for regular feedbacks on my blog. I miss you guys and will always miss you. I am very upset that sometimes, writing so many things, no one read them. This things upsets more when someone is blogging. I will keep blogging.
Bit upset these days and months and from last couple of years. Not able to overcome, don't know why. But, I thought to write it here as diaries don't exist now because we are habitual to share things with human and don't even have a worthy friend with whom I can share.

Enjoy this post and rest I will be writing and updating until it goes next 200 posts on my blogs.
Love you all!