Oct 19, 2011

Linguist of Heart

The languages may be different,
To say the same thing,

The way I am longing and 
the way I learn new languages,

To convey my love.

I am linguist of heart.
I am linguist by heart.

Oct 18, 2011


Here people with tie, jackets, polished shoes,
Limited talks, lengthy cars and designations,
But those were the sweet days,
To cherish when we played
In mud with
Feel of

Oct 16, 2011


में सियाही तो तुम रक़्त हो,
में हूँ फ़िज़ूल् तो तुम सक़्त हो I
रक्त यूह बेह्कर अल्फाज़ बन जता है और 
सियाही अखबार घर घर पहुँच जाता है I

- स्वाति शोभा सेवलानी

Rolling Tear

The tear rolled down,
Water was mirror,
Rolling tear,
Settled down in River.
Heavier than water,
Rarer and Rarer.