Dec 23, 2012

If Someday!

If someday, I ll be flat without any curves near nose, no circles around my eyes and no folded skin on my forehead, no smiley curve on my face and you will also go blind.

Will you be able to recognize me with my touch and no voice?
Will I be ask to carry a smiling mask of Vendetta?
Will I be able to smile with all my heart, even when there is no fold on my lips?
Will you be able to see that how my eyes speaks about the things, which I never say?
Will I be portraying myself like most beautiful lady of the world?
Will anyone see my heart through my faceless face?
Will I be kissed by my beloved?
Will I be able to see myself in the mirror?

I think and think but I see that I already carry a different voice with the help of which, I comfort others.
I already carry a mask every time as most of the people do even after being blessed with good faces.
I always smile and make people smile.
I see the eyes of loyalty, love and full of mercy in unmerciful people.
I make portraits of those who allow me to do it for them.
I kiss those to whom I love by just touching my lips to the air which connects us.
I love to clean a mirror in me, where people come and see themselves.

Dec 18, 2012


I never liked listening the music before. I liked few songs but these days I am listening to "The Beatles", Paul Mc Cartney, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Enrique again, Amos Lee and many other brands.
I am loving it!!!

Dec 17, 2012

Love: An Empty Bottle

Life is like an empty bottle thrown on river, you really don't know to whom it will reach. This empty bottle is actually empty from negativity. 
Courtesy: 123RF Website (They retain all copyrights)

This empty bottle contains perfumes of your aura, fragrance of your love and all your love letters locked in it with feelings in it. It floats free even when it is quite heavy from inside, just like keeping an intense wish in little tension free heart. So just don't throw it seeing someone. Throw it without thinking about anyone and just keep a prayer inside it that it reaches to the person who is really meant to have wine of love from it.
The day, when it will reach to your beloved, the champagne bottle will make a sound of opening cap in your life and you will be celebrating it by swimming with it and your bottle. 

While those who are scared to throw it, will never be able to embrace the love in life and others who will throw it in an open can, with the opening for water, will sink somewhere, will not reach to right destination and thus open you heart for someone who really mean for it, deserve it and is waiting for you too.

In today's scenario, no one is ready to throw the bottle instead of holding it too tight and snatching it, ultimately it is broken hurting your hand with red blood wasting the red color of love.

Take Care!

Dec 3, 2012

Seasons of Life

When despaired black clouds,
Pointed out at me,
Natives shout like cloud thunders.
Life seems dirty stagnant water,
I became a waterspout in Tornado.

Yet there were lightings,
To direct me in the darkness.
Actual “I” was inside raincoat,
To whom no one can see.

Alone, shivering in cold,
Waiting for help on the lone roads.
Soon, I realized, I have to walk alone,
No one is fortunate enough,
To messed up in this pre-cyclone.

Determined, I explained myself,
Cognitively, I started to push myself.
I strong-willed not to stop or
Get erode like soil.

The destiny is too close,
The more far it seems,
As problems stands inch before
The way to the Dew-Success.

I was collapsed and gasped,
And there were deep breaths,
Midway to dry summers and wet winters,
Between the dark clouds and carbon black roads,
Zeal comes from bleeding rainy thoughts.

I did it! I did it!
I got the motive of life.

Alas! I started sweating like Raindrops,
From the clouds of my cuddle heart,
I smiled; blessed with colorful rainbow,
There were raindrops on my cheeks,
Which dried up with the sunshine.

Published in Blogger's Park Issue. Also recited at Cafe Pallete Poetry Group.

Dec 2, 2012

Blogs deleted

Well, this is again to remind you that I was maintaining 4 blogs. But, 2 of my blogs are set on deletion. This is because, I think, I am not able to nurture them very well, but post related to my photography and bit bitter stories will be posted in Ink Pen only.

Only two blogs are there, 'Ink Pen' and 'This Friday Releases' where the later deals with movie reviews.

Being a blogger, I face only one problem, that number of visitors are declining everyday. Those who actually search something which we have labelled and tag, otherwise, 7 billion blogs are trying to survive in whole world and it seems impossible to see all of them. I wish, I could read more and more but the material in classics is sufficient to read for now, with some mock classics upcoming on the way. Secondly, in Search Engine Optimisation, it is good to have websites rather thn blogs, as they allow efficient use of tags and metatags.

This blog of mine was researched by a student of mass communication, so i feel happy that my blog proved its role in someone's research. Whereas, I got few good friends from the globe like Ana and Alex.

I also want to remind to people that I own all my copyrights to whatever I post and the images are sometimes used from google image search, for which I don't have any type of copyrights.

So, I request you to use my work only with my permission. In a while, I am going to make page on facebook too, as the crowd sits there and spend most of his times there only. So, whatever I will be writing, I will be updating to my page. Hope you keep visiting their too.

I am also writing my second book, which is an anthology where the story of Phoenix is compared to the life of human being. The fb page of the book is already there.
The link is:
I would like if you get updated to it.

Your feedback's are always important, so you are. Keep giving me feeds on this weeds.

Thanks for being in touch with me from a long time.

I hope you are going to like it more now.


Nov 27, 2012

I dare

I am drifting away from
The Shore of pain and ocean of expectations.
I was bleeding with despair and fear
Of loosing You.

Now, when I already lost you,
I dare to love again.
To love this nature, innocent heart
Which reside in inner me.

I dare to love those cannibals,
Carnivores, herbivores and humans.
And love the plants, trees and seeds,
To conserve the inner soil of them.

I dare to somersault and jump,
Dance and run,
As no one is holding me tight,
To stop motion and create Momentum.

I am drifting away from
The forlorn shadow,
The whispers of screams,
The slaughtered dreams.

I am going far from the place,
Where you and I are not We.
I know, in this oasis only,
You was I and I was You, someday.


Copyrights 2012

Oct 11, 2012

An Ignored Knock

He knocked it several times, but I was dissolved in liquor,
settled somewhere in the glass like a particle....

He knocked again, I was a flying particles in the smoke of cigars,
Somewhere settled in ash tray...

He knocked me again, I was sleeping thinking I am ill,
Lost somewhere in depression...

He came to me and went many times without knocking, 
I see the shadow moving from the bottom chink of door...

Thousand times he came to me,
Million times I saw my unwillingness to open the door..

Open the doors of brain, heart and instincts,
He is outside standing to accept you the way you are.

The god is with us everytime,
We forget him during adrenaline moments. 

Sep 10, 2012

कागज़ की कश्ती: जिंदगी

आखिर क्या हैं यह जिंदगी ??
एक कागज़ की कश्ती ,
संभलती, गिरती, फिर भी चलती !!
साहिल पर रूकती.. टकराती ...
लहरों के साथ चलती,
कागज़ की कश्ती!!!

कभी गिर जाती तो,
दो मासूम हाथों के बीच, 
गर्माहट पाती,
और फिर गहरे पानी में गोते लगाती,
कागज़ की कश्ती!!!

कभी निर्लज, कभी सहज,
संबल और सहनशील,
फिर भी नाज़ुक गीला कागज़,
कभी रुकी हुई शांत,
बिना किसी आहट,
जिंदगी !!!

कहीं सूरज की तरफ जाती,
मंजिल को तराशती,
पानी में लकीरें बना के,
पत्थरों को चूमती हुई,
जिंदगी ..जिंदगी......

जब अस्तित्व खो जाएगा, 
तब पहुंच हो जाएगी तरल पे,
जहाँ होगा अंतर का आभास,
एक मोक्ष और उसका एहसास !!!! 

स्वाति शोभा सेवलानी

प्यार का वायरस

Hindi Translation of my poem "Virus of Love"
Translated by Tripti Mishra

उड़न छू था तुम्हारा प्यार,
ये मैंने जाना।
उड़न छू एहसास और यादें उड़न छू ,
मैंने छूआ और जाना,
तुम थे उड़न छू। 
जब से गए हो ...तुम्हारी आत्मा उड़न छू,
उड़न छू मेरा दर्द नहीं हो सकता,
ये लाखों चुभती सुइयाँ,
उड़न छू नहीं होंगी कभी यादें मेरी।
स्थानांतरण जैसे,
उड़न छू नहीं हो सकता ये प्यार,
क्यूंकि तुम्हारा एड्स वायरस है मेरे पास।

All Copyrights Reserved
Swati Sevlani

Sep 9, 2012

Aura of Eternal Love

Aura Of Eternal Love Translated in Hindi by Tripti Mishra 
(Many thanks to Tripti Mishra for taking out her time and translating my poem)

नहीं ...न तो ये तुम हो 
न तुम्हारी काया या साया 
सिर्फ तुम्हारी आत्मिक पवित्रता 
कुछ अनकहे शब्दों से छुई हुई 
अभी तक मेरी लहरों से अनछुई 
ये दिलेर दिल, मोहिनी मुस्कान 
मुरब्बे सा एहसास, पछतावे रहित निगाह 

आह्लादित सी इश्वरियता
ह्रदय धड़कता अन्दर, आंखें स्पष्ट खुलीं
पूरण शब्द पारदर्शी
ये मृगमरीचिका मन की, या प्यार
या "मैं" तुम्हारी आत्मा पे निर्भर
या पहुँचना मंज़िल तक
पर न तो "मैं"
न मेरे जलती हुई चाहत
बस ..मेरी आत्मा शांति को पूछती !

To read the poem in English, click here.

All Copyrights Reserved.

Swati Shobha Sevlani

May 27, 2012

Let Me Sleep

Now, I am going in a deep sleep.
Resting my head on your lap, Maaa.

I love you, I love to be with you,
As you make me feel secure.

Mom, you are having such a giant heart,
I don't know how you embrace my fears,
When I am scared.

Miraculously, you make me silent,
When I am an annoyed sphere.

Mother, be with me,
Be with me.

I know, I failed in my life,
I feel joy with you.

Maa, let me sleep today,
So that no one can ever disturb me.

The touch of you hands on my forehead,
Comforts me, tranquilize me..

Let me sleep, so that 
I could peacefully wake up in heaven.

Where there will be no wars,
no bullets and fights.
Where there will be
No floods of bloods.

Let me sleep,
Let me sleep in peace.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani
Copyrights, 2012.

May 17, 2012

An Unknown Mortal

"The Savior" painting by Anrev Rublev

An unknown mortal in between known people,
Unaware that he is overlooked,
Acknowledged, else are branded.
Not equipped to visage the rejection, 
Supplemented with self muse.
Toiling to please self and satisfied, 
Being compassionate for others, 
Trying to update and discover.

The more concentration he gets,
The more he aspires,
The more detractors he met,
The more he desires.

He wants to change the world,
Bring justice over cruelty.
Sobs when any one cries,
Stand still in battle and warfare.

He is perplexed, quit to think,
Starts afresh very next second.
Self interrogating and intriguing,
As he a god and lord,
Of his world and creation,
Of his sophistication.

Far from myths and hypothesis,
He doesn’t believe any god.
He has a blind belief,
In seeing human as god..
Applying red on their Third eye,
To see the divine light.

And expects,
Human will not hurt anymore,
Never do sinful acts,
Like exploiting the faith and
Trajectory of crimes.

He is walking alone,
Along the inner light,
He is eclipsed somewhere,
Behind each human being.

He never know how he appear,
What he clad and consumes.
He endeavor to carry thoughts,
Serving human once in a lifetime.

He criticizes materialist thinks,
Calling self, “Materialist spiritual”
A demon human,
An antitheist of aesthetics.

He will emerge as a savior,
Will craft, mend and end
The worldly things and
Thought of spiritual beings.

I can see, dream and think,
He is emerging somewhere,
In the corner of the world,
Across the boundaries.

And he communicates to me,
Asks me nothing,
Nor even a advice,
Because he, a stable spherical drop,
Which is growing bright.

At times, he finds himself alone,
He is certainly unaccompanied, not alone.
But his company is the one, 
Who was company of no one.

He whispers to me that,
He is born, but taking birth,
In the eyes of the world.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani
Copyrights, 2012

May 13, 2012

A Vote of Thanks

Dear Friends,

This time it is not a poem but off course, a vote of thanks to someone who was visiting my blogs regularly, reading my poems, gone through my photography, sketches and appreciated them.
In my few last posts, there was a post with the name "Confusion" where I asked my followers, "Whether I must discontinue my blogs?" due to scarcity of response and feedback's.

Courtesy: Google Images

There were people who were really concerned about the blog "Ink Pen". I got a call from my one of the friend asking me, "If I dare to delete it, she will never read any of my prose and poems anymore, even if I go to her and I show her my publications...and ask for feedback's about my work". Thank you Cheeks for all your cooperation and being with me right from the first post of my blog.

There was a second friend of mine, Elvira Lobo, who is in touch with me due to her sweet nature. She post an article in her blog specially asking me not to delete the blogs and continue the good things...
I really want to thank her for that she dedicated a single post completely for me and her proper two way communication....Thanks Elvy...

Today, I got a mail from a lady asking me not to let my Ink dry by stopping "Ink Pen".
It moved me to tears as the lady really helped me by sharing some masterpieces I was searching for. Thank you Gentle lady. You are really gentle, selfless, genuine person and I am really delighted to know this thing that there is someone who is appreciating my work. Thank you Ana. Hugggs.

Her mail was:

Don´t close INK PEN, please. I think the internet is like throwing bottles into the sea. It takes time. But there is always someone waiting on the shore. 
It is a matter of tides!
The words heal, help, save. 
And you know well the weight and rhythm of the words.

All my love and regards to you Cheeks, Elvy and Ana.
I also want to thank those who gave me feedback's, encouraged me, visited my blog and read me and I also want to thank those who kept visiting without leaving comments or following my blog and they are pretty regular in their visits. I would love if people will give genuine suggestions for more improvements.

I just want to say that I am a believer of IDEA rather than complicated words. I just want to express the things in the deeper sense connecting them to the higher self and life. I wish I could write more better every time when I post a new poem or any of my work.

Swati Shobha

May 2, 2012

MOM: My Dream Lady

AR Kennington Art

(Story depicts the pain of the blind child who tries his best to get glimpse of his unimaginable beautiful mother by his imaginable dreams.)

A lady I see in my dreams,
A tip of powdered vermilion , 
A ray in her parting.

She smiles and she laughs,
While keeping her hand on my shoulders,
To support me.

A lady I see in my dreams,
Who hugs me and kiss me,
Thousand times.

A lady I see in my dreams,
Cooking my favorite dish and tuning
My favorite radio stations every time.

A lady I see in my dreams,
Is beautiful with well arranged tooth,
Like beads of rosary,
With a beautiful smile and
A lovely unseen heart....

A lady I see in my dreams,
Wear the Embroidered bordered sari,
Pleasant scent flowers locked in ringlet,
And clink of her bangles.

A lady I see in my dreams,
The one who gave me birth
To make her life colorful,
Unfortunately, turning Sepia
As I was born blind...

A lady I see in my dreams,
Who is having beautiful eye,
Having lens like me,
Not blind, but divine.

A lady I see in my dreams,
I imagine, I apprehend
I visualize and I love
In my dreams only,
As her real images,
I can never see.
Try to see virtual image,
In my dreams every day. 

Apr 24, 2012

Kieslowski's World

I request the owner of Kieslowski''s World to start his amazing website again. The link to the site is

An anonymous person was handling the website content with such a great deal, adding thinks related to all the people and stories attached to the Director Kieslowski. While with all this, he was also managing a Diary where the spiritual verses of him goes on, giving continuous messages of peace and uniformity, the things dealing with life and immortal theories, the things which are far from materialism were part of that anonymous Diary.

I don't know the reason to shut it down. But I would love to see that site taking breathes again as good work must never go in vain.
Whenever I used to open the web world, the first thing is to open all the bookmarks. This website was one of the bookmark in my browser. Used to love it as things used to make us realized many things. He also mentioned himself as 99 year old in Chatango box. But, I never think that he will be this young. I know the person visit my blog everyday but I just want to request him to restart his work. There are people who read this types of things but never speak about it as it is not the matter of word, it is the matter of Feel you have after it. Readers feel it but are short of words. IT was a work worth appreciating. 

Hope to see this website active again as it is the only thing left with the name of legendary director Kieslowski.

My Only Hope

I have decided to move ahead,
How much tough it gets, I’ll reach.
The reasons are many to be low and to quit,
But don’t you worry, I won’t sigh.

I won’t stop and will never ask a favor.
You continue to be tough and keep hard,
I will be tougher and harder.

It is never easy and it won’t be,
But thousand times I feel to quit,
Million times I will cry and 
Numerous times I will give up.

Won’t you be with me?
To get me up and kick me?
To hold me tight and count?
To ask me for one more try?

I know I am not standard and constant,
In my habits, sleeping and behavior,
But believe me I am good enough by heart,
I just need some time to heal and 
It can couple of years.

Believe me,
Because I am despaired soul,
In demanding world,
Where I can’t peep myself in mirror.

But I will get up with broken tools,
With worn out hopes and
One day I will release the Secret,
That you were my “Only Hope.”

Apr 22, 2012


Due to less numbers of visitors and responses even from my followers, I am on the decision to just shut this blog as it gives me no more proper feedback.
I do write and update everyday, but I see no responses and no increase in visitors.
I must now shut down this blog and try to write only a Diary coz people read it more carefully for the sake of knowing secrets.
I would love to know the response of my followers and visitors within two or three days.

Yours SSS

Apr 21, 2012



Silent prayers speaks,
While deafening words defeat.
A female with tender heart comes,
Develops an immense credence.

On online networking website,
She was my only motive.
Poignant me with the
Tongue of her lexis.

A word comes out from monitor, 
Touches my "Anahad"
Vibrating till the coccyx, 
Settle down in my gut.

There may be the reminiscences,
Of precious treasure.
Like a stillborn soul
Of Giant Heart Mother.

Destinies take you everywhere,
Like I chat to my Mother
Am I the one who is lost?
Or I am the one who is found….

Dilemmas and dual thoughts comes,
But I am firm for you.
As out of whole world,
A fake identity makes me to the one,
Who is “My Mother”

You still born is reborn,
In embryo of else.
A real person comes to know
about her "Unnamed Son."


I Love You Mom...

-Swati Shobha Sevlani

Apr 13, 2012

Stop Bullying

Stick Stiffer,
Bit Bitter.
Target Suffer,
Hard to Touch,
The Wounded Wounds.
Unbearable to Bear,
The Suppressive Stimulation's,
Aggressive Aggression's,
And Bullying “BullyForever.
Peace, Rest In Peace,
Bullying like a Dreadful Disease.
Scream Screams,
Pain Aches,
Harassing Harassment's,
And Hatred Message.
Physical Strength,
Mental Challenge,
Bullying, a Personality Disorder,
Be an Eye Opener.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani

Apr 11, 2012

Lies I Almost Believe On


Restored are the broken and weird toys,
In cupboard from more than three decades,
They will bring back the childhood,
A lie I almost believe on.

Memories are treasured in brain,
Cherish when we grow old,
Brain degenerates with age,
Lies I almost believe on.

Silver, gold, platinum, land,
Dollar and rewards are locked under seven locks.
To ensure the security,
Natural disasters are accidental,
Insurances are the lies I believe on.

Constructing the multiplex and vehicles,
Green wounds to trees and animals,
Nothing comes and nothing goes,
Lies I almost build every day.

We really exist in the reel world,
Reel of a movie called as Life,
Life, a Lie I almost live with.
Full of Lies I almost believe on.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani