Mar 31, 2012


As I was about to sleep,
In a while shot dead.
My soul wept and cried,
For my family,
Bucket list also wiped.

For the things I left undone.
For the friends who decided to
See me tomorrow.
And for my desiring company,
I was about to join.

My last message to beloved,
We will get for sunrise.
Now, will it be fine?

I wish, I couldn't die,
And my soul cries,
In front of an angel,
Taking me to hell or heaven?

The blood was oozing from my body,
Even, when I was out.
I felt so bad to see myself,
Lying down in between crowd.

Relatives gazing at me,
Touching my body and holding my hand.
Why you are shouting?
When it is just a nightmare.


Mar 29, 2012

Different Angels..

A thin layer between angels and me,
As they touch it, layer touches me.
As I touch, Malachim sets free.
I saw them in different forms,
Without wings all were reformed.
The Satan bought me to the court,
For the curse I did on Earth.
Michael saw me and handed to Uriel,
Gabriel showered his mindedness.
Angel played their roles and left,
Carrying me towards sky,
They were wingless, so was I.
A demon, surrounded by angel,
Was assumed to die.



Note: These all are the names of different angel

Malachim- General word for Angel
Gabriel-   perform god's kindness
Satan-    Bring people's sin before them in the court of heaven
Michael-   perform act of justice
Uriel-      Lead us to destiny
Ref. Wikipedia

Mar 28, 2012

Poem with sketch.

Alchemy of my soul,
Is the diligence of my Karma,
Destroyed might be the world,
Constructive is my soul.

A poem with sketch.
You can see on the link given below

Mar 27, 2012

Rubik's Cube: A Lesson

Courtesy: Khyati Sharma 

There are simple cube of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and many other dimensions. The solutions of each cube vary from each other like the solution varies with diverse dimensions of life.
As well, different are algorithm, permutation, probability and tricks to solve each of them. No one can fit in other shoes. So, better design you own. 
Even if we consider the Rubik's cube of, same dimension. For an example, 3x3 Rubik's cube which is most common and have same colors and same size and same dimension, the solution of same cube also varies with the structural and spatial differences found in its arrangement.
Just like the human being from same profession or perception also differs from each other.

The flooding websites on Internet shows so many ways, that no one can comprehend anything, if he follows every one of them. However, every one of them is correct in their own way.
That is why, I suggest, don’t listen to infinites people. If you follow one website and one person, things will be get done by their own way. Secondly, don’t try to compare two people for the results you want. Like solving half cube by other instruction and solving next half by some other the aid of other websites.
When, I started solving cube, it was 2005, I saw it, got fascinated, tried it, I never had Internet amenities and no one knows how to solve in my surrounding. People considered that I am sort of bizarre to embrace it as they were only hardly any people who used to take intellectual tasks.
I purchase two pirated cubes. As I never know which one is original or real? Which one is good or bad? Which will be best for solution? Which will relax my fingers?

First, I purchase for worth rupees 30. It got broken, during practice.
Second was exactly same. It was reserved on my table like a centerpiece. I never thought to solve it giving my best. I left it like a vague mystery and accumulated an unsettled puzzle in facade. It starts looking like a yoke as I used to waste lot of my time coming to no conclusion. I was confused; there were infinite numbers of color combination I got. I hope you can calculate it by the statistical theory of probability. Everyday, it looked different and it was never same.

One day, I decided to place it inside drawer and then at whatever time I used to open my drawer, I again used to play with it, as if it is a toy. 
I put it on my closet and firmly decided that I won’t concentrate on it as I don’t think that there is any solution to it and if it there is, so it is far from my reach. I am not up to the mark of aptitude; I require getting through it. 
But, every time I used to open my closet, I feel to take it out, touch it and solve it. The unsolved Rubik's was turning more like a chronic disease. I felt like there is something which is compelling me, forcing me, pulling me, gravitating me towards it and don’t even let me think something else.

I felt that I am suffering from OCD like disease. I felt so oppressive and compulsive with it.
I took it out from my closet and started working on it. Suddenly, due to peer pressure on me, it involuntarily separate from me. But, it uses to make me forget about different factors which use to make me anxious, vexed and tensed.
It was 2010, I got it started and again I failed, this time it glued to my finger tips. I surf the net again and again, I surf the various websites.
I was somewhere lost in the crowd of website, so was my Rubik’s cube. I don’t know whom to follow and the solutions were looking complicated. I once again quit from the game.
In 2011, I was ill because of Dengue, the worst disease in my life. I thought, it will take my life away. I felt so tough to cope up; still cube helped me to overlook the pain. I started following a single site and worked on it. I managed to find out the solution till 2nd Layer of it. But last layer used to make me quit every time. It was like, you are close to your destination and you are ignorant that how much close you are to it.

In November 2011, I solved my first Rubik’s cube while resting for fifteen days. I was out of work and there was nothing running in my mind. I chose a tool of patience; I worked on a single website guideline and read it again and again. I tried and kept trying.
 My mom was so happy to see that, I did it and when my brother and father came back from office, they said that you can never do that, leave it. They used to cut jokes but they never congested me from doing it. They were actually bored of seeing Rubik’s cube in my hand right from dusk to dawn, just like a finger ring, in fact far precious than that. This time, it was not pirated one.
 I gave my solved cube on my brother’s hand. He was surprised, so was my father. They were laughing with so much happiness that I finally did it. For a moment, I realized that they are happier than me. They asked me to keep it as it.
But on the same day, I again scramble it and started my life afresh to solve other mystery with different type of permutation and algorithms this time.
I must say thanks to the website, which helped me a lot as it was like a mentor to me.
In 2012 February, I started again, this time I failed but I was single-minded. My era was flooding like water and I never cared for it. I kept on experimenting and trying and experiencing the changes and finally, now is the time when I can assemble cube by my solo method within an individual day.

As, I am ignorant to the different methods, but I tried by the one I know.
For fast assembling, I need to learn the appropriate method in different cases.
But, whatever, I have learned also helped me getting through the path of confusions, irritable situations terminating uproar existing in me.
Today, I realize that life is exactly like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Some solve it in a day, some takes whole life to know their destination or solutions. Some don’t wish to give a fight as they are scared.
 And the motive of life is to make a homogenous mixture, where all are uniform and all are of same color exactly like the mixture of your soul with the god and turning into a homogenous white light after serenity.

Rubik’s cube takes different form in its life like different birth of human being. And again it starts finding the mystery and gets the same, like the human who comes in different color, shapes, dimension and communities, but they are same. They have to match the colors with the vibration of infinite and white light.
The only distinction between life and cube is that life walks on a immortal circular path and cube walks in a regular mortal cubical path.
There will be thousand doubts in your mind, there will be lots of obstacles like flooding websites, but listen to one voice, make one mentor the way I did.
If you get advanced with gadgets, use to find an appropriate solution, keep your confusions aside  and give a proper start.
You need a source to know, how to start, as the solutions are not inherited in genes.
But, if you will experiment like me, it is going to take couple of years to cube it, match it and take it.
 I never gave a thought to purchase pirated again, as they use to get break like my dream of solving it.
I always have a branded cube now, as it ease my work, consume less time, don’t hurt my finger and hands and is very comfortable to grip.

No hard work gets in vein; your sweat turns into beads. My earlier lessons made this way easy. If I might have not seen the irritation in me, I am sure I might have never reached my destination with patience, when I was very close to success (3rd Layer).
I will try my best to learn other ways too to fit according to the situations.
I will also try to solve 4x4 and 5x5 dimension cube. I will keep learning and upgrading like the versions of Internet browsers and software's, so that I can act like their search engines for others.

Life is exactly like Rubik’s cube. Keep experimenting with it; keep cubing it in the best effective way. Don’t keep your problem burning within you for life time, stay with it and have a fight. Be determined and off course, there will be ups and downs, but adjust with them and walk down the whole path, so that you can create your own map in existing one.

- Swati Shobha Sevlani

Mar 25, 2012

Purple Day: 26 March

26 March: World Epilepsy Day (Purple Day)

When you will fall with a seizure,
And people will get scared.
I will stand by you forever,
I will love you forever.

Those who laugh on you
Someday will be fired.
Be strong enough,
If I suffer my seizure.

Someday, I will be low,
Keep my spirit high.
Someday, you will be low,
I will forward my hand.

Son will be scared to see,
Manage him as a story.
Daughter won’t react,
We will give her gaiety.

Seizures are in everyone’s life,
Difference is that,
We have epileptic seizure,
Other has materialistic seizures.

Difference is that,
We hide our pain,
Other hides their loopholes,
We face the jerks rarely,
People feel it every day.

Difference is that people are
Unhappy without disease.
We are happy with syndrome.

- Swati Shobha Sevlani