Dec 18, 2012


I never liked listening the music before. I liked few songs but these days I am listening to "The Beatles", Paul Mc Cartney, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Enrique again, Amos Lee and many other brands.
I am loving it!!!

Dec 17, 2012

Love: An Empty Bottle

Life is like an empty bottle thrown on river, you really don't know to whom it will reach. This empty bottle is actually empty from negativity. 
Courtesy: 123RF Website (They retain all copyrights)

This empty bottle contains perfumes of your aura, fragrance of your love and all your love letters locked in it with feelings in it. It floats free even when it is quite heavy from inside, just like keeping an intense wish in little tension free heart. So just don't throw it seeing someone. Throw it without thinking about anyone and just keep a prayer inside it that it reaches to the person who is really meant to have wine of love from it.
The day, when it will reach to your beloved, the champagne bottle will make a sound of opening cap in your life and you will be celebrating it by swimming with it and your bottle. 

While those who are scared to throw it, will never be able to embrace the love in life and others who will throw it in an open can, with the opening for water, will sink somewhere, will not reach to right destination and thus open you heart for someone who really mean for it, deserve it and is waiting for you too.

In today's scenario, no one is ready to throw the bottle instead of holding it too tight and snatching it, ultimately it is broken hurting your hand with red blood wasting the red color of love.

Take Care!