Mar 22, 2012

Defining Love?

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It had been too long, I haven't written, discussed, talked, explain, share and thought about love. May be, from past 4 years.

But every day the definition of love was changing.

When I was under 10, I use to think helping the needy one is all about love. Taking out coins from your piggy bank and giving it to needy is love. I loved the people in that way.

When I was 14, I use to think that being famous is what people love. So, I taught people to love. I tried to be captain, intellectual, published poet at that age.

When I was standing on the threshold of adolescence, I used to find love with the books, the stories, the novels, the short stories, newspapers and the medical sciences. I loved them and still they are treasured. I used to find in the fantasies of seeing the cutest, brilliant student and intellectual teacher of class.

When I was 17, I started thinking that love is the nature. You love nature, nature loves you and human loves you. You are entitled as "Human Being". So, I tried to be human. I started implanting trees in my birthday's and New Year. I started gifting plant to others and drop the water of my bottle to the tree dying on the roads partition. Sometimes, I used to make street dogs as my pet and used to make hut for them to protect them from rain and scorching heats.

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When I was 18, I started realizing that microbial organisms are my love. I started studying microbiology each and every day.

When I was about to complete my teen age, I started realizing that encouragement, being source of inspiration is my love. I started counseling people with their problems, I started working with them on their problems and they were in love with me. For everyone I was a genuine advice and they never felt bad with my harsh words.

When I came out of teen, the time was struggling and I found myself alone struggling. To whom I donated, encouraged, loved and thought of were not with me. I found that depression was becoming my love. In a despaired period, I found that beautiful poetries, sketching, learning, reading and moreover knowing my higher self become my love.

I started to get inclined on spiritual side and realized that it is the actual love as nature starts indicating me, my intuitions were more stronger and vibration were easily reachable. A temporary stage of clairvoyance, immense peace, satisfaction and tranquility was awesome. I felt like whirling dervishes busy in dancing after a great chaos.
The materialistic life will vanish, the jewels I wear will be resold, the skin will be having wrinkles, the beauty will not appeal in old age, the friends will go, so will everyone. The fragrance of the perfume will vanish and my body will mingle with the five elements.
The soul will get tired within one body, so it will also leave someday.
Nature is so mysterious, so is the human birth and the stories of occult sciences. We also try to be lucrative and secretive, but nature opens all the mysteries of human at proper place, time and gathering in front of proper people.

But one thing never changes in the Definition of Love.
Respect, humble, help, togetherness, human services, ethics, thinking, nature, care, understanding, anger, responsibility, parenthood, listening, inspiring, cooperating, sacrifices, adjusting, promises, commitment, crying, laughs and reminiscences are all the characteristic of love.
Every year, each day, every minute, each second, I loved my parents, I thank my Lord, I thought of friends, paid attention to studies and tried to stand different from the crowd.

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I never forget the hard work and sacrifices my parent and my elder brother did to make something out of me, but never claimed it. They kept on giving me, without asking something in return and they never asked me for a favor. There were no calculations ever in love. They truly loved me. I am the one who is lucky, my friends never got upset when my voice was higher and I used to scold them for a stupid mistakes. They all were selfless and I still try to be so.
I hurt them sometime ignorantly and I got hurt, but as the things used to settle down, we used to feel so relax and feel bond of love again.
Reminiscence of love can be felt when you go to your store room, you see your childhood bicycle and the small pencil box and the notebooks keeping a record of your childhood handwriting exactly like memories stored technically in memory cards, videos and hard disk. You love the things because they take you to the time, you had. The soul experiences time traveling in the past and the feelings attached with it.

Definition of love was never changed; they were just different phases of love. Each day I felt the love in me or either, but I never talked about it like my friends gossiping about their loved ones. I just felt it.
More than half of definitions are left to experience in the life. Hope, till last day of life, everyone realize the true love of life.
But one thing is certain, Love without ownership and licenses is what makes most of its sense. Never claim your love, just know your higher self and true love is always unattainable as it is for the one who
          Generated, Oriented and Destroyed everything (GOD).

(Published in Blogger's Park magazine, April Issue, 2012.)

-Swati Shobha Sevlani


Sudam said...

Fabulous words and the manner of presentation is praise worthy. The love described is really what we call love as one hops from various stages of life.

Nice it is.

Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

good in a different light:)