Apr 13, 2012

Stop Bullying

Stick Stiffer,
Bit Bitter.
Target Suffer,
Hard to Touch,
The Wounded Wounds.
Unbearable to Bear,
The Suppressive Stimulation's,
Aggressive Aggression's,
And Bullying “BullyForever.
Peace, Rest In Peace,
Bullying like a Dreadful Disease.
Scream Screams,
Pain Aches,
Harassing Harassment's,
And Hatred Message.
Physical Strength,
Mental Challenge,
Bullying, a Personality Disorder,
Be an Eye Opener.

-Swati Shobha Sevlani


Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

The one of the bestest of your works....conveys the message which is crisp and clear:)

Swati Shobha Sevlani said...

Hey!!! Elvy.. After all, regular visitors like you make me inspire. Thanks for all your feedback's, its always good to hear from you.... thanks....

Rahul said...

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